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Unapproved SIGGRAPH Corrigenda

This page lists SIGGRAPH proceedings papers for which corrections are available but have not been approved by the authors. Once approved, this data will be made available at the SIGGRAPH Corrigendum site. If you would like to submit a correction for the SIGGRAPH Proceedings, please send it to Stephen Spencer at If you are not the original author, feel free to cc: Eric Haines at to possibly temporarily include the information here.

To download all the corrigenda pages here at once, download the zip archive [Broken Link].

Corrigenda submitted by non-authors

  • Corrigendum for [Kalra89]: Devendra Kalra and Alan H. Barr, Guaranteed Ray Intersections with Implicit Surfaces, Computer Graphics (SIGGRAPH '89 Proceedings), vol. 23, July 1989, pp. 297-306

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Last change: July 22, 1999

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