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The resources we list here are ones we consider particularly useful to researchers. Many of the resources listed come with source code.

3D Models

Research Oriented

Commonly used in research papers for benchmarking and quality comparison.

3D Model Collections

3D Model Format Information

3D Model Libraries and Viewers

3D Modelers

Some of the better free modelers.

Graphics Coding Resources

There are large code collections at sites such as Github, SourceForge, Google Code, etc. We list here some smaller collections focused on computer graphics code.

3D Graphics Algorithm Libraries

Computational Geometry

Interactive 3D Rendering

Photorealism and Global Illumination


Mathematical Manipulation

Tiling Textures

Image Manipulation

Image Format Related

Vector Draw

A wide range of vector draw packages are available; we list worthwhile open source and free options here.

2D Rendering Libraries

Video Capture and Editing

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